Need to stay in town this summer? Don’t want to miss your kid’s next game? Plans on the 4th of July but a deposition scheduled for the 5th? Multi-platform Video Conferencing (MpVC) is PohlmanUSA’s solution for your busy schedule.

MpVC is part of PohlmanUSA’s lineup of high-tech litigation support services. It combines the convenience of telephonic deposition attendance with the benefits of appearing in person. MpVC is a reliable, secure, and cost-effective way to attend a deposition or meeting from the convenience of your home or office by allowing you to remotely connect from any device, anywhere!

When we initially offered this service in 2013, it was Pohlman’s technology solution to busy litigation attorneys looking for a way to save time and expense of traveling for depositions. In today’s environment, we realize that clients expect the ability to work from anywhere. As a litigation services partner to firms engaging in depositions from coast to coast, the option for attorneys to “appear” at depositions on their smart phone or tablet is appealing and expected. As the leading nationwide provider of technology-driven court reporting and litigation services we are proud to offer MpVC as a solution for busy litigators.

With MpVC you can even balance those tough summer schedules and back-to-back trial preperation. “Excellent job on arranging this service. I appreciate so much the time you spent doing this as it saved me that time as I am neck deep in many other trial preparation projects. I heard from one of the participants that it all worked flawlessly and that Pohlman’s person on the scene was fantastic,” attorney at a large litigation law firm.

Call today for more information on MpVC, to discuss how we add value to other areas of the discovery phase of cases, and to obtain pricing for your next out-of-town deposition. PohlmanUSA is available 24/7 at 877.421.0099.