Spoken depositions with a court reporter transcribing the spoken word verbatim have been the standard in court reporting for decades. However, with the ever-evolving world of technology, adding video is becoming the new norm. While the written word is a powerful tool in legal depositions, it’s not as impactful as when video is included. Having the ability to actually see a person testifying opens the door to a whole new world for a jury. Being able to watch a video deposition allows a judge or a jury to see things such as body language, gestures, and overall confidence of the witness. Our expert video team wants you to be prepared for video depositions. Here are some of their tips:

Regardless of your role in the deposition, it’s key to avoid wearing bright clothing and certain patterns. For example, polka dots, stripes and plaids can be distracting on camera. Solid, light or pastels are ideal for video depositions. If you’re an attorney, make sure to pass this information on to your clients and/or witnesses. It is also important for the witness to dress as if he or she would in court. It would be a shame for the jury to see a professional expert such as a doctor or police officer show up in court in a suit or uniform, but on the taped deposition, he or she looks like they just hit the gym.

When video is involved, it’s also a good idea to conduct mock depositions with witnesses. Videos don’t lie – witnesses can be caught with eye rolls or fidgeting. By prepping ahead of time, witnesses have the ability to practice and understand how their facial expressions, body language, and verbal responses can affect the deposition. They can practice answering questions clearly and fully, not saying “yep” or using any other forms of slang. Furthermore, seeing themselves on camera may help them get a better understanding of what a video deposition will actually be like.

Maintaining professionalism during any and every deposition is key. But since video depositions are becoming more common, you’ll want to make sure you are ready and prepared to the best of your ability. At PohlmanUSA, our experienced legal videographers can ensure that your video deposition is efficient and effective. Call us at 877-421-0099 to get started or visit https://pohlmanusa.com/our-services/videography/ to learn more about our legal videography services.